"Among Sir Geoffrey's posthumous papers, two letters were discovered. Evidently there had been an advertisement in The Stage magazine about a nightclub called Eliot's. The directors of Faber and Faber sent a spoof letter to T. S. Eliot formally expressing anxiety about the possibility that these extra-curricular activities might reflect badly on Faber and Faber.

"Eliot wrote a very long and elaborate reply. He said he was writing at 1 a.m. He begins by expressing his anguish at the charges levelled against him. Then he more or less admits that he does, in fact, run the club after hours. Then with feigned mounting confidence, he begins to defend the club. The Faber directors, he writes, are worried about Faber and Fiber's connection with the club. But has it not occurred to them that the club might be equally worried, and with much better cause, about its connection with a publisher? "lf someone behaves badly at a night club, you chuck him out. At a publisher's, you take him out to lunch."

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