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Jack Riley coached the American Olympic hockey team to gold at the 1960 Olympics thanks to some help from an unlikely source:

"A Russian, Nikolai Sologubov, helped the U.S. team win the Olympicice-hockey championship in 1960 at Squaw Valley, California. The U.S. had never won the hockey title. All the team needed to do after unexpected victories over Canada and the Soviet Union was to defeat Czechoslovakia in the final game. After two periods, the Americans, playing lethargically in the thin air high in the Sierra Nevadas, were trailing, 4-3. During the intermission between the second and third periods, Sologubov, who spoke no English, went to the U.S. dressing room and, through gestures, suggested the Americans inhale oxygen. They did, and when they returned to the ice, they were revived and eager enough to rout the Czechs, 9-4, and win the title."

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