Strange Whispers

"One night during our annual chase of the nightingale, we felt certain of success," Wynford Vaughan Thomas recalled. "We were just about to invite listeners to join us in the depths of a Sussex wood when we heard strange whispers coming from one of the microphone points. We turned it up full strength and were shaken to the core. Under the tree from winch our microphone hung a young couple had just sat down. In impassioned words never intended for the public ear, a love-lorn gentleman was pleading his case to his lady friend. Our engineer cut out at once and rushed down to the wood to explain to the couple. The gentleman was naturally indignant. 'It comes to something when a man can't prepose to his girl in a lonely wood without being overheard by the BBC!' But what if we had broadcast him, not on rehearsal, but on actual transmission?"
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