"When Stanley Baldwin -- who went to Harrow -- was Prime Minister, his Home Secretary was Mr Bridgeman -- who went to Eton. One day Baldwin produced some quip in the Eton-Harrow context which Bridgeman did not judge to be up to standard. He bided his time. One morning at Cabinet, the Prime minister congratulated the Home Secretary on the rapid ending to a riot at one of HM's prisons. 'How did you do it, Home Secretary?' he asked. 'Oh, Prime Minister, it was easy. I just told the Governor to order the prison band to play Forty Years On (Harrow's School song) and the prisoners stood to attention and quietly returned to their cells.'"

["At Eton each boy from the start had a room of his own, small but undeniably his territory, into which nobody -- not even his House Master -- could come without knocking," Lord Home recalled. "Years later I took the wife of the Prerident of Pakistan to see a typical boy's room at Eton. She was sure that it must be the clothes cupboard."]

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