On January 31, 1874, Jesse James and his gang robbed the St. Louis-Texas express train. As they boarded, one of the gang handed the conductor an envelope containing the following press release (which appeared in the next day's newspapers):

"THE MOST DARING TRAIN ROBBERY ON RECORD! The southbound train of the Iron Mountain Railroad was stopped here this evening by five heavily armed men and robbed of ---- dollars.

"The robbers arrived at the station a few minutes before the arrival of the train, arrested the agent, put him under guard and then threw the train on the switch.

"The robbers were all large men, all being slightly under six feet. After robbing the train they started in a southerly direction. They were all mounted on handsome horses.

"P.S. There is a hell of an excitement in this part of the country."

[There were in fact ten men in the gang, all of whom headed in a westerly direction after the robbery.]

[James once handed a prepared press release to a robbery victim -- and told him to fill in the amount taken before handing it over.]

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