Romantic Story

"On You Bet Your Life, Groucho Marx's popular television show, he created a kind of host never seen before," Leo Rosten recalled. "I was backstage one night when one of the contestants turned out to be from a country area. Let's call him Floyd.

"Groucho, 'How did you meet your wife?' Floyd, 'Well, I drive a truck.' Groucho, 'You ran over her?' Floyd, 'No, she was in the barn.' Groucho, 'You drove your truck into a barn?' Floyd, 'No, no. Her family had been missing some chickens.' Groucho, 'They were lonely for chickens?' 'No, they had been missing, so they turned on a light in the barnyard, and I'm driving up to get some turkeys, and her father hollers, 'The turkeys are in the barn.' Groucho, 'You married a turkey?' Floyd, 'No! As I go to the barn a big skunk starts for the chicken house, and a girl yells, 'Get that skunk.' So I jumped on it and she fell on it, too -- and we both smelled so bad -' Groucho, 'That's the most romantic story I ever heard.'"

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