Give Up Sisters

"On Give Out Sisters (1942), again with the Andrews trio, there were so many problems during the shooting that the cast started calling it Give Up Sisters. Patty was to do a dance with an elderly extra during an interlude in one of their numbers. The man was a handsome gentleman with a distinguished goatee and formal clothes, and he was to take Pam in his arms and pull her around in a simple polka. The three sisters were costumed in long skirts, made up to look like old ladies. During the dance the director yelled, 'Stop!' He told the extra, 'I don't want to see your face. I want to see Miss Andrews's face.' Three different times the director stopped them with the same complaint. They began again, and this time the old gentleman stepped on Pam's dress, and she fell and broke her ankle. The singer sat on the floor in pain until one of the grips picked her up and carried her into her portable dressing room. Maxene thought, 'Oh, great! She can't work. We still have work to do on this picture. While she's recuperating, we'll get paid, and Laverne and I can just vacation.' But that's not the way things were done at Universal on B pictures. The producer figured out the women could end that sequence by hopping out of the scene on one foot. And that's what they did!"
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