Generous Jack

Early in their respective careers, Jack Nicholson and Henry Jaglom agreed to appear in one another's directorial debuts. First, in 1971, Jaglom appeared in Nicholson's Drive, He Said. Shortly thereafter, Jaglom began producing A Safe Place. "How much are you going to pay me?" Nicholson asked. Jaglom asked him how much he had made on his last film, and was told it was something like a million dollars. "That," Jaglom declared, "is the budget for the whole film." "Well, you know I need a new color television set," Nicholson replied. "Yeah," said Jaglom, "so?" "So," said Nicholson, "get me a new color television set."

["And that," Jaglom later remarked, "is the part of Jack that's astonishing."]

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