Sick Horse

When one of her horses became ill, Elizabeth Arden called the world-famous Mayo Clinic, whose indignant specialist adamantly refused to diagnose for a horse. "What would you do if he were a baby?" Arden asked. "I wouldn't enter him in the Santa Anita handicap," the doctor smartly replied, and hung up.

["Elizabeth Arden's horse barn was painted in her racing colours, cherry pink, white and blue. Plants were hung over the stalls, soothing music was piped in and the animals were sprayed with her Blue Grass perfume, which had been named in their honour and was the biggest seller ever made. 'When I was a kid,' one trainer commented, 'my mother used to say only horses sweat, people perspire. That is not true in our stable, where it is the horses who perspire and the people who sweat.'"]

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