Marathon Walker

In June 2003, Lloyd Scott set a new world record for the slowest marathon time by finishing the Edinburgh Marathon in six days, four hours, 30 minutes and 56 seconds -- in a 130lb deep-sea diving suit. "It was a fantastic finish at the stadium," Scott recalled. "Everyone was on their feet clapping and we had a piper. It was a wonderful reception. I'm still on a bit of a high and I will probably still be on one tomorrow when I realise I don't have to get the suit on. Now I'm having a dram of whisky to celebrate."

In 2002, Scott, who typically walked about nine hours each day, covering half a mile per hour, took only five days to complete the London and New York marathons, but set a record in 2003 because he was hit by food poisoning. "I had to keep dashing to the loo [toilet]," he explained, "and on the Royal Yacht Britannia there was a problem trying to get the suit off in time to get to the toilet..."

[Among Scott's subsequent feats? Completing an underwater marathon walk of the full length of Loch Ness wearing diving equipment and running the Edinburgh marathon in a suit of medieval armour.]

[Several competitors in the London Marathon in April 2004 with small timing chips attached to their shoe laces (and sensor mats at various points along the course) were able to send text messages to friends to keep them abreast of their progress.]

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