Hollywood Lesson

In September 2003, San Francisco Examiner critic Jeffrey Anderson reviewed Sam Weisman's Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star:

"Pop quiz: what's the secret of a great comedy? Why are films like Duck Soup, The Bank Dick, Dr. Strangelove, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and TV shows like 'Seinfeld' and 'The Simpsons' still so beloved? The quick answer is, because their heroes never learn any lessons. In today's corporate-run Hollywood, studios will not green-light a comedy unless it has a strong three-act structure, which usually means that the hero experiences some kind of self-discovery and becomes a better person. This is not funny.

[This film] is only the latest in a long line of forgettable, unfunny 'comedies' in which we're supposed to care about some intrinsically unlikeable slob."

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