Gentleman Highwayman

"Duval's exploits were the subject of many ballads and pamphlets around the time of his trial and execution. The most famous of these concerns his reputation for gallantry toward ladies and his appreciation of the finer arts of life, which he had no doubt learned when he was page to the Duke of Richmond. It was said that one day on Hounslow Heath Duval and his gang stopped a coach in which sat a knight and his young wife. The lady, to show her unconcern, took a flageolet from her pocket and proceeded to play upon it. Thereupon, Duval also took out a flageolet and the highwayman and his victim played very prettily together. 'Sir,' said Duval, 'your lady plays excellently and I doubt not she dances quite as well. Will you please to get out and let me have the honor of a dance with her upon the Heath?' The knight did not think it prudent to oppose the highwayman's wishes, so the lady got out and he and the highwayman danced upon the Heath. When the dance was over, Duval turned to the husband. 'You have forgotten to pay for the music,' he said. 'No, I have not,' replied the knight, and handed Duval a bag containing 100 pounds. Now Duval knew well that the couple had another 300 pounds concealed in their coach, but he accepted the 100 pounds with good grace, bade the lady a courteous farewell, and rode off."
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