Classic Walken

While preparing for his first appearance as host of "Saturday Night Live," Christopher Walken met with the show's writers for a pitching session. After about an hour of brainstorming ("You could be a carnival barker," "You could be a police dispatcher") Lorne Michaels asked Walken, who had remained relatively quiet, what he thought. "He gave the best non-sequitur I've ever heard," Dana Carvey recalled: "Bear suits are funny -- and bears as well."

[According to Norm MacDonald, the line was "Bear suits are funny -- and ape suits as well" -- and prompted five minutes of hysterical laughter. (Seann William Scott worked with Walken on The Rundown. "One time he walked by me," Scott recalled, "and I went, 'Hey, Chris, how's it going?' And he looked back at me and went, 'He-e-e-y, du-u-u-de.' And then he just walked off.")]

[Christopher walken once admitted to being a changeable religious fanatic, at one point worshipping the moon.]

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