Lunar Embassy

In July 2003, Dennis Hope, the founder of the Lunar Embassy which sells property on the Moon (and the outlying planets), appeared as a guest on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Hope generously presented his host with his very own plot of land on the moon.

O'Brien, famous for his self-deprecating nature, was later amused to learn that he had been given property in sector "L7" -- valley slang for "loser"!

[While a UN charter prevents governments from claiming ownership to extraterrestrial real estate, Hope, spotting a legal loophole, simply claimed the property rights as a private business. During his "Late Night" appearance, Conan asked Hope whether it bothered him that other dodgy companies were (absurdly) also claiming rights to land on the moon. The sarcasm, apparently, was lost on Hope, who pointed out that his legal staff had successfully thwarted dozens of attempts by rival companies to follow suit.]

[After learning of NASA's plans for a permanent moon base, 60 people from Sauerland, Germany with real estate on the moon wrote to President George W. Bush, demanding that their lunar gardens not be blighted by space junk.]

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