Edward Elgar passes an itinerant fiddler

Before a concert one evening, Fred Gaisberg accompanied Sir Edward Elgar to the music hall. "As we entered the Artists' Entrance," Gaisberg recalled, "we passed an itinerant fiddler giving a fairly good rendition of Salut d'Amour. The delighted composer paused and from his pocket produced half a crown. Handing it to the bewildered musician, Elgar said, 'Do you know what you are playing?' 'Yes,' he replied. 'It's Salut d'Amour, by Elgar.' 'Take this. It's more than Elgar made out of it,' responded the donor."

["Elgar's diversions included throwing boomerangs and making 'stinks' in his laboratory, an outhouse known as The Ark. It was furnished with shelves and a bench and innumerable bottles, retorts, Bunsen burners, test tubes and all the paraphernalia of an analyncal chemist. There Elgar would retire and ease the burden of his destiny as a composer by pretending to be a chemist."]

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