Lunch Break

Every day on the set before breaking for lunch, director Cecil B. De Mille would gather everyone around him to deliver a lecture: "Now this morning," he would invariably begin, "I want everybody to listen to me" -- whereupon he would begin to babble interminably. One day he looked down from his perch and was annoyed to find two women talking. "Hold it just a minute!" he cried. "Ladies, you and you come up here please." The two women obediently joined De Mille on the platform. "Now," he ordered, "if what you have to say is so important, please tell everybody over the microphone. Go ahead, tell them." One of the women took the mike and dutifully explained: "Well, I was just asking my friend when was that old, bald-headed son-of-a-bitch gonna let us have lunch?" De Mille promptly turned a bright shade of crimson, took back the microphone and yelled: "Lunch!"
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