Warner & Goulding

Though Edmund Goulding agreed to direct the screen adaptation of John Van Druten's play Old Acquaintance for Warner Bros. in 1942, he soon had second thoughts. "When you come down to it," he wrote associate producer Henry Blanke, "it is a very light cream puff with no cream. And in the light of the furious things that are going on in the world, the petty quarrels of a couple of bitches seem fragile and inconsequential." Warner chief Jack Warner soon saw the letter, and was not impressed. "The only cream puff in this matter is Eddie Goulding," he told Blanke. "Tell him to get back to the pastry kitchen and produce something that will keep the public's mind off this goddamn war."

[Goulding agreed and the picture, starring Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins, was released in 1943.]

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