Howe Unfortunate

After trouncing George Washington's depleted forces at WhitePlains, Fort Washington, Brandywine, and Germantown, the British could certainly have delivered the knockout blow at Valley Forge in the ferocious winter of 1777-78. Why, then, did they not attack? Because William Howe, the British general in charge of George III's forces in the colonies, had found warm comfort in nearby Philadelphia with a certain Mrs Loring. By the spring, the Colonial army had regrouped and recovered and was able to wriggle off the hook.

[According to another story, General Howe and his men were also delayed after the Battle of Manhattan (in September 1776) when they were entertained by Mary Lindley Murray and her daughters.]

[During the American Revolution, many brides did not wear whitewedding gowns; they wore red as a symbol of rebellion.]

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