Red Banded?

Like Hillary Rodham Clinton, who removed ashtrays from, and prohibiting smoking in, the White House, Barbara Bush was no fan of cigars. Marlin Fitzwater, George Bush's amiable press secretary, once remembered happily loitering in a White House hallway (during a Republican convention) with George Bush Jr., both puffing contentedly on their stogies, when Barbara suddenly came into view.

Without a word, both men thrust their burning cigars into their pockets, where they remained, smoldering gently, until she was safely out of sight.

[An avid runner, President Bush ranked in the top 3% of all 5km race finishers of any age in America. Indeed, members of his security team were expected to keep up with him in high temperatures on his Texas ranch -- a feat for which they were awarded certificates and "100-Degree Club" T-shirts.]

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