Debatably Cheating?

"An old school friend recalled years later that the First World War commander

[Sir Arthur Currie] had shown an aptitude for strategy even as an adolescent in Strathroy, Ontario. On one occasion, Currie was the final speaker in a closely fought debate and was allowed 5 minutes to conclude his team's argument. When the allotment expired, the referee called time, but Currie continued debating. The judge again ordered him to stop. But Currie knew that under a strict interpretation of the rules he could finish his sentence before sitting down. So he left the stage and slowly circumambulated the auditorium before returning, finally, to his seat, with 'slow, short, and deliberate steps' and 'shooting arguments like bullets.' He concluded his last point at the very moment his posterior was reunited with the chair.

"According to a modern biographer, 'This was an early indication of Currie's fierce determination to win and his coolness under pressure,' qualities that played a part in his conduct at Vimy Ridge, after which he was knighted in the field by King George."

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