Wedge of Light

The architect Daniel Libeskind's proposal for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site in Manhattan was not without its critics:

"Eli Attia, the architect who designed the Millenium Hilton, a glass slab just to the east of the Ground Zero site... published a study suggesting that Libeskind's Wedge of Light, a plaza at Fulton Street, was based on a fraudulent principle. Libeskind had claimed that every September 11th the sun would shine on the plaza between 8:46 a.m., the time the first plane hit, and 10:28 a.m., when the second tower fell. But, Attia pointed out, this would be impossible, since the Millenium Hilton was in the way. When Libeskind was asked to comment on this by the Times, he rambled on about Stonehenge and the sun as a ball of fire, and said he believed his design 'is about radiating light, reflecting light, the atmosphere of light. It's not about tricks of light but about how light behaves when you look at the sun in three-dimensional form.' For the first time, he sounded as though he didn't know what he was talking about."

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