Dior's Clairvoyant

Christian Dior developed an obsessive reliance on a noted Parisian clairvoyant, Mme. Delahaye. Over the years she advised him on everything from his travel plans to his purchase of lavish bouquets for his salon and his homes. Business boomed.

In September 1957, Dior announced his plans to visit Montecatini, Italy, to take a "thinning cure" (to better appeal to his new boyfriend). Delahaye saw bad auguries in his cards and strongly advised him to cancel the trip. Dior, however, was equally resolute and, for perhaps the first time in his life, acted against her advice.

He was accompanied to the spa by his chauffeur and a young goddaughter. Shortly after a canasta game, on the evening of October 23, 1957 (his tenth day away), Dior collapsed and died. He was fifty-two years old.

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