AC/DC vs Riot Police

"A Belgian policeman took it into his head he was going to stop one of our shows," AC/DC guitarist Angus Young once recalled. "He strolled onstage with a submachine gun and pointed it at me. One of the crew jumped him and took it from him. The riot police came and wanted to arrest the band, the audience, and all this stuff. They also wanted to keep all the equipment. So our crew said, 'Then you pack it.' [laughs] They thought twice about that and decided it was too much work. In the end they relented and let us go."

[American fitness instructor Laila Hardman once developed a workout (based on Punk Rock Aerobics) to help air guitar fans get into shape in their living rooms. By recreating the Townshend Windmill, the Angus Young Shuffle, the May Mosh and the Parfitt Sway, she said, participants could have a "full-on cardiovascular workout."]

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