Schloss Rammelfeste

Notwithstanding his mother's fears, Helmut Newton did not become a homosexual. Far from it:

"In 1942, he moved to the state of Victoria

[Australia], where he picked peaches for a farmer with a daughter called Sunshine. After that, improbably, Newton joined the Australian Army, where he and his European comrades in arms saw no military action but plenty of the other variety. He and his friend Philip, a part-Jewish officer who had once been expelled from the Austrian cavalry, took a room that they christened Schloss Rammelfeste, or Castle F--- Hard... All in all, as the author delicately phrases it, 'we really fitted into the community.'"

[Newton was certainly adventurous: "Consider the twilit trip that he made with Josette, when she first unzipped his fly in the back of her black Chevrolet. Two things arise from this poignant scene. First, how do you get dark-red lipstick off the crotch of white linen shorts? Second, 'I don't believe Josette was concerned about the driver seeing us at all.'"]

[Newton's father, Max, was a wealthy button manufacturer. And his mother, Claire? She was "a snob and a spoiler with good legs, who fired a maid for dressing too well on her day off, and who clad the infant Helmut in patent-leather shoes and velvet suits with taffeta bows. That was the least of it: 'I was brought up never to touch a banister... I had my own private sandbox..."]

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