Heavyweight Service

"On the night of the Tunney-Heeney boxing match [in 1928]," David Ellbey later recalled, "I saw, from my New York hotel, dashing up Fifth Avenue, a procession consisting of a squad of cops on their motorcycles, behind them two ambulances, then another squad of cops, and behind them two police cars.

"Next morning at the press agency, I was told: 'We hired those ambulances as traveling developing rooms, and the escort of police was all part of the show to get a clear wat through traffic. We had the whole outfit [darkrooms, etc] outside the fight enclosure, and as the pictures were taken they were rushed to the waiting cars. We had a bunch of fellows in their shirt-sleeves waiting in the amulances and when the final pictures were got on board the while fleet, speec-cops leading, stepped on the gas and beat it downtown like bats out of hell."

[This bout proved to be Tunney's last professional fight. He retired (as undefeated heavyweight champion) later that year.]

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