David Pesci: Chinese Apology

After an American spy plane crashed while flying in Chinese airspace in April 2001, many patriotic Americans were aghast at the prospect of an apology being offered to China by the Bush administration. American author David Pesci, for example, wrote an open letter to the Los Angeles Times angrily suggesting a more extended apology:

"We're sorry," it read in part, "that we'll be broadcasting... Lee-Anne Rimes and the Backstreet Boys 24-7 (to your people) until your pathetic despotic regime crumbles under the weight of Levis, Starbucks, Krispy Kremes... and Keanu Reeves DVDs."

[Pesci also suggested apologizing that Jackie Chan preferred living in Los Angeles after the Chinese took over Hong Kong. Wisely, the Bush administration did not take Pesci's advice and the plane's crew was eventually released.]

[Some time after China belligerently fired missiles toward Taiwan in 1996, a Chinese envoy visited America -- and was served a deliberately horrible dinner.]

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