Wacko Brando

During the casting of The Score, director Frank Oz visited Marlon Brando's home and offered the actor $3 million to play the role of a gay master thief. Brando agreed. When he showed up on the set with day-glo make up and a full-blown lisp, however, Oz delicately explained that he was looking for a more subtle portrayal of homosexuality. Brando responded with a typical mumbled profanity and refused to work if Oz was present. "I bet you wish I was a puppet," he told the director, "so you could stick your hand up my ass and make me do what you want!"

[Brando took to calling Oz "Miss Piggy" (a reference to Oz's voiceover work on the Muppets), insisting that he be given his lines (which he typically refused to learn) by Robert Deniro through an earpiece, with Oz sending suggestions in from another room. And, to ensure that the camera wouldn't stray too low and capture his "godfather of bellies," Brando waltzed around the set -- without any pants.]

[During the production of Burn! (1969), director Gillo Pontecorvo began carrying a loaded gun, which he threatened to use if Brando continued to ignore his instructions.]

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