Introducing Phil Esposito...

In 1972, Phil Esposito and his Canadian national hockey teammates visited Moscow to play the Russians in the legendary Summit series. At the opening ceremonies, the visitors were lined up at near center ice and presented with flowers by cute Russian flower girls. Each player was then introduced and took a step forward to bow or wave. When Esposito's name was called, he began to skate forward, stepped on the stem of a discarded flower, and -- in front of millions of astonished fans -- promptly fell on his backside on the ice. Esposito rose onto one knee, smiled graciously, and took a self-deprecating bow: "You don't see this on the tape," he later recalled, "but I made eye contact... real eye contact with Brezhnev, and I [gave a saucy little finger-wave and winked at him]. The guy beside him laughed and Brezhnev looked [scowled] at him. He stopped laughing."
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