Artie Lange: Weight Loss Contest

In 2002 comedian Artie Lange, a habitual gambler who once lost $5,000 to Tiger Woods, entered a weight-loss contest with some other self-professed "chubby guys." Lange got off to a rather slow start. His progress after the first week? Lange had gained two pounds!

[On another occasion the "auto shop worker" from the "Howard Stern Show" called Lange a "big fat pig" before challenging him to a treadmill contest. This time, Lange won.]

[In August 2004, fifty English soccer fans on their way home over Caerphilly mountain after watching Cardiff play Coventry were stranded for several hours -- because they were too heavy for their bus to climb a steep mountain road. "I didn't think we were that heavy," one passenger said, "although we do like the pies they sell at the match."]

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