Sickert & Taylor

One morning while vacationing in Dieppe, Walter Sickert and a fellow artist, Walter Taylor, set out for a swim. Though Taylor, a mediocre swimmer, was careful not to stray too far, Sickert swam out about half a mile. Turning back toward dry land, he was horrifed to observe his struggling friend slowly slipping beneath the waves. He immediately powered his way back to shore -- and was astonished to find Taylor on the beach -- sunbathing. "Good God, man!" he cried. "I saw you sinking!" "Yes," Taylor replied in his slow careful manner. "I did sink, but... when I reached the bottom... I said to myself... 'If I walk uphill... I shall get to the shore.' And so... I walked uphill... and here I am." "Why," Sickert muttered incredulously, "does anybody ever drown?"
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