Ronald Knox

Ronald Knox once taught for several years at St. Edmund's College, a Roman Catholic boys' school in Hertfordshire:

"During an official inspection of the school by representatives of an examining board one of the inspectors proved to be his old friend Mr. Thomas Higham of Trinity. The meeting was a complete surprise to both of them.

"Ronald was [teaching] Aeneid. He gave no sign of recognition, but quietly said: 'Pay no attention to this gentleman. He's stone deaf.' Mr. Higham played up, sat blankly cupping his hand on his ear while a boy translated, then rose, said, 'I have not been able to hear anything you have said, but I perceive by the intelligent look on your faces that you have fully mastered the text,' and left them."

[While first visiting St. Edmund's, Knox composed the following poem: "Come on ye buds, bust. You really must! And show this unfortunate newcomer how beautiful this place can be in summer."]

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