Young Kelly Hu

"My brother used to take martial arts lessons and teach me all the moves," Kelly Hu once recalled. "I was five years old, but I picked it up pretty quickly, and I was totally fearless back then. So my brother would set up fights between me and boys in his Cub Scouts troop. And I'd always win...

"I fought my last fight in the fifth grade, when I realized that boys were getting a lot stronger than me. I remember a specific fight with this boy who was a year older than I was, and he pinned me down in the middle of the basketball court. I thought he was going to kill me, but instead he leaned over and gave me a kiss. It was totally humiliating. In fact, I was so humiliated that I made him be my boyfriend!"

[Hu's brother "who knew a good thing when he saw it" made a lot of money as Kelly's manager -- taking bets.]

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