Scrappy Meadow

Jamie-Lynn Sigler was once asked how she had landed her role as Meadow on "The Sopranos":

"I was 16 and about to go away to summer camp like everyone else when my manager said, 'Jamie, there's this audition for something called Sopranos -- maybe it's about singing.' So I went in with such an attitude because I was sure I wasn't going to get it anyway. I read a scene for

[Sopranos creator] David Chase, and he said, 'You played it with a little attitude there, didn't you?' I was, like, 'Ohhh, shit. I could play it different.' But they told me I got the part because I gave them attitude. The typical TV girl is cute, and that's not Meadow. She's the furthest thing from your average sweetheart."

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