Bonnie Hunt: Storyteller

One day early in her career, Bonnie Hunt attended an audition for a coveted dramatic role. Hunt's agent advised her to refrain from telling comical stories (as she was admittedly wont to do).

Hunt showed up to the audition late, was asked why she looked so frazzled, and proceeded to spin an unlikely tale -- a veritable comedy of errors: On her way to the audition, she said, her car window had been broken by a brick. Then, she had her purse stolen and was forced to improvise her makeup in the car. Finally, when she thought things could not get much worse, she opened her car door and had it ripped off by a passing truck.

After the audition, Hunt's agent told her that they had liked her -- and had been particularly amused by the ridiculous story she had told. The story was, in fact, entirely true.

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