Three-Headed Alien?

When director Barry Sonnenfeld cast 'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville as a two-headed supporting alien in Men in Black II, he got more than he bargained for:

"When we were shooting just Johnny's face to create the second head, he insisted on wearing only boxer shorts," Sonnenfeld recalled, "and sometimes he was... exposed. It was horrifying for the crew."

["I'm not saying the boxers didn't come agape at some point," Knoxville later remarked. "Mr. Sonnenfeld might think it was frightening, but I got some compliments. I'm just looking forward to my two-headed action figure. Hopefully, people will do some naughty, naughty things with that doll!"]

[In 2004, a new brand called C-IN2 unveiled a line of underwear with patented 'sling support' designed to 'lift, project forward and improve the wearer's profile.']

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