Lavar Arrington: Quarterback Crusher

Maxim sportswriter Diane Hill once interviewed Washington Redskins linebacker Lavar Arrington. "Speaking of careers ending, you will be forever linked with Troy Aikman for his final hit," Hill remarked. "What went through your head after that [concussion-inducing] hit?" Arrington's reply? "That we were going to win the game!"

["You can't say you don't like the opportunity to cold-cock a quarterback," Arrington said, "because the league is set up to protect the quarterbacks and offensive players so much..." Despite his vicious hits, Arrington refused to play dirty. When he injured his wrist in 2002, former Redskins linebacker (and Hall of Famer) Sam Huff took him aside and suggested that he have trainers put it in a cast -- the better for clubbing blockers. "He said, 'It's not legal,'" Huff recalled. "I told him, 'There's lots of things that aren't legal. Let the referees decide. That's why they have whistles.'" Arrington did not get a cast.]

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