Musky Lust

One day during the Vietnam War, Ann Landers visited some soldiers in an army hospital. A bed-ridden corporal asked her to lean a little closer so he could smell her perfume.

"How long has it been since you've smelled perfume, fella?" she asked. "Ten and a half months," he replied. "That's all for you, brother," she playfully declared. "You could be dangerous!"

[Landers came home with three hundred phone numbers. "Calling them took me three days," she recalled. "I had notes: 'Leg gone,' 'Eye out,' 'Gerald Swanson, he lives in Akron, call mother.' I called up these people. 'This is Ann Landers and I'm calling from Chicago and I just got back from Vietnam and I saw George. He's in the hospital. He has a cold, and they didn't want it to get any worse.' A lot of 'colds'... The telephone conversations I had with these people! I made friends for life."]

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