Mysterious Disappearance

Before embarking upon a political career, William Lyon Mackenzie King briefly worked as a reporter with the Toronto Globe.

"They tell one story about him," a colleague reported, "and I believe that, upon rare occasions of expansion, he tells it upon himself. Toronto newspapers were making much of the mysterious disappearance of a young woman. Armed with a description of the girl, King set forth from the Globe office in a spirit of high resolve.

"He would find her or perish in the attempt. The first day he had no luck, although he walked many miles of streets and gazed somewhat boldly into the faces of great numbers of pedestrians. But on the afternoon of the second day he came upon a young lady who seemed to fulfil the police description in all particulars. Approaching this damsel, the reporter invited her to accompany him. The damsel accepted, with suggestive alacrity, and in a few minutes, probably to her great surprise, found herself in the Globe office. King was explaining the triumphant issue of his search when the City Editor, a hard-boiled person, emerged from his sanctum. He looked at King and he looked at the girl. The latter he dismissed, curtly and decisively. To the future Prime Minister he said: 'King, if you ever again bring a prostitute into this office you're fired!'"

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