Korn Fans

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, famed for inviting fans to submit ideas for the band's album covers, was once asked to recall some of the weirder entries. "Oh, God," he replied. "Pictures of kids cooking corn, eating corn, and then s---ting corn. Chicks sucking on corncobs. Then there was this naked obese chick in a bathtub full of corn. That was awesome..."

[Among Jonathan Davis's most treasured possessions? Two $50,000 mic stands (large-breasted female steel cyberghouls custom-built by German artist and Alien set designer H.R. Giger) and a gruesome collection of serial-killer memorabilia (including Ted Bundy's Volkswagen, John Wayne Gacy's clown suit and the hats Bonnie and Clyde were wearing when they were gunned down).]

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