Dust to Dust

Five years after D. H. Lawrence's death and burial in France, his widow Frieda Lawrence arranged to the body exhumed, cremated, and brought to Taos, New Mexico, where Lawrence had once dreamed of establishing a utopian community. Angelo Ravagli, Frieda's lover at the time, was engaged to accompany the ashes to Taos...

Many years later, Ravagli confessed that, in order to avoid the expense and trouble of transporting them, he had dumped the author's ashes in France. And the "ashes" he had delivered to Frieda? He had purchased them in New York.

[After it died, Lawrence had the hide of his favorite horse, Aaron made into a duffel bag.]

[Number of states that required certification for the operation of a crematorium in 2002? 4 (Harpers, June 2002)]

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