Andy Roddick: On-Court Antics

Andy Roddick earned a John McEnroe-worthy reputation for his on-court antics. "He's been known to rip off his shirt and toss it into the stands after a game well-played; to high-five the crowd after a point well-played; to clap his racket in appreciation of an opponent's point well-played; and to mix it up with the umpires after a point badly called -- all of which has endeared him to fans, if not to the umpires. He's said some pretty nasty things to them since turning pro... He called one a moron and to another said, 'Have you heard of that part of the body called a spine? Get one!'"

[Roddick's personal favorite insult? "This guy's issues have issues!"]

[In 2002, Andy Roddick broke 39 tennis rackets.]

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