Vanilla Ice: Singular Absurdity

In the early '90s, Robert Van Winkle {aka Vanilla Ice} was accused of stealing the unmistakable bass riff from the 1982 Queen/Bowie collaboration "Under Pressure" to anchor his hit song "Ice Ice Baby" (the lead single from his 1990 debut To the Extreme).

While the Ice man admitted that Bowie and Queen had not been credited, he had a convenient explanation: the riffs were not the same, he said, because he had added a single note.

[Ice reportedly settled with Queen and Bowie out of court -- before being forced (allegedly at gunpoint) to sign the song's rights over to rap mogul Suge Knight. "He took me over to the balcony, and he had me look over," Ice told Rolling Stone. "He says to me, 'You're gonna sign these papers'... I signed it. I gave millions away."]

[Van Winkle dropped out of school in the 10th grade -- when he was eighteen years old.]

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