Nutty Glover

Rolling Stone's Erik Hedegaard once visited Crispin Glover's Los Angeles apartment. Though he boasted an impressive collection of vintage artifacts pertaining to gynecology and mummification, Glover attempted to downplay his eccentricity. "It's just an old medical chair I got for probably $100 at the Salvation Army in Santa Monica 19 years ago," he said of one metallic contraption. "That's all it is. If it was a gynecological table, it would have stirrups on it." Some time later he made another dubious clarification: "They are not diseased eyeballs," he said of a case containing a collection of instructional aids dating from the 19th century. "They are wax replications of diseased eyeballs..."

[Glover also self-published several surreal collections of Victorian-era how-to texts. Among the titles? Oak Mot and Rat Catching.]

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