Excuse Me, Honey...

Don Cortier, the genius behind a series of superhero fetish films featuring ElectroBabe & DynaChick, had no about compunction about recruiting actresses on the fly. "It's helpful that I don't look like a pervert," he once remarked. "That way when I tell college girls I want to tie them up and baste them in honey, they don't run."

[Cortier, whose ElectroBabe & DynaChick 3 shows the title characters tied down and coated with barbecue spice rub and slathered in Cool Whip (with bananas pointed at their private regions), once nixed a plan to have a large butterfly regurgitate oatmeal ooze onto ElectroBabe. "Hitchcock," he explained, "never showed the knife hitting Janet Leigh's body in Psycho."]

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