Ruben Studdard: Chubby Studdard

In August 2003, Conan O'Brien announced that 'American Idol' winner Ruben Studdard had been accused of violating a contract by accepting $10,000 to wear designer clothing on the show. "He said he'd like to return the $10,000," Conan remarked, "but he already spent it on dessert."

"Studdard is flying home to Alabama this weekend so he can shoot a video for his song, 'Flying Without Wings,'" Conan announced in May 2003. "Not only that, Ruben is going to record another song called, 'Flying With My Ass in Two Different Seats.'"

[Studdard embarked upon a weight-loss program in October 2004 by stepping on a heavy-duty scale. Nothing happened. The problem? He weighed too much (449 pounds) to register on the scale.]

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