Daffy Duck: Funny Voithe

While brainstorming one day during the production of the animated short "Porky's Duck hunt" (1937), someone did an impersonation of producer Leon Schlesinger's lisp-laden voice, which the crew impulsively decided to use as the voice of a new character: Daffy Duck.

"Only when we were well into the production of the new film and incapapble of retreat," Chuck Jones recalled in Chuck Amuck, "did we realize the hideous, the lethal potential of the future. Leon Schlesinger was going to have to see this film and -- more important to our future -- to hear his own voice emanating from that duck.

"In order to save ourselves the embarrassment of being fired, all of us were careful to write out our resignations before that fateful day when Leon strode into our projection room and... the new Daffy Duck lit up the screen an Leon's command... The cartoon played to the studio audience, accompanied by prayer and silence. Then the lights went on and Leon leaped to his feet, glared around, and said, 'Jeethus Christh, that'th a funny voithe! Where'd you get that voithe?"

[In 1987, The New York Times solicited a psychiatric report on Daffy. "He began as a simple manic depressive," it concluded, "but developed over the years into a fully fledged paranoid schizophrenic." In 2002, British voters named Daffy the most popular cartoon character of all time. (He ranked 14th in a TV Guide poll.)]

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