Fermilab Art

"Fermilab [the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory] was founded in 1967 by Robert Rathbun Wilson, a Berkeley-trained physicist who had worked on the Manhattan Project and then, after the bombing of Nagasaki, refused to take part in weapons research. Wilson was also a sculptor, and he planted his works everywhere on the sixty-eight-hundred-acre grounds. There is a Mobius strip in a pool on the roof of the auditorium, a staircase modelled on a double strand of DNA. Even the utility poles are shaped like the symbol for pi."

[Inside Fermilab's four-mile Tevatron ring -- a circular particle accelerator bordered by a moat-like river of cooling water -- Wilson re-created twelve hundred acres of Illinois prairie, harkening back to the American frontier. Grasses grow up to ten feet tall, original wildlife (including deer, foxes, salamanders, turtles, beavers, weasels, mink, and hundreds of species of birds) returned, and, as a final touch, Wilson added a herd of buffalo.]

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