Jennifer Aniston: Duran Duran Fan

"I can remember waking up at five in the morning when I was a teenager to go to a record store signing by Duran Duran," Jennifer Aniston once recalled. "My girlfriends and I had every one of their albums, including those rare albums from Europe with two songs that have never been heard. We had every video. Videos of the making of the videos. Anyway, I got up at the crack of dawn and went with a red rose to the video store where they were doing the signing. There was already a line around the block. I waited all day with that red rose. Finally, I work my way to fifth in line. All of a sudden, they lock the doors and everybody in line goes crazy. And I'm standing there with this bent rose from battling all these animals. Of course I was bummed."

["Aniston once spent a night outside a hotel, hoping for a glimpse of Simon Le Bon. By 14 she was dating a punk rocker from the East Village and shaved her hair up above her ears in a kind of modified mohawk. She wore many ear-rings and rubber bracelets and garbed herself exclusively in black."]

[Aniston's mother once worked at Universal Studios -- signing autographs for Rock Hudson.]

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