World's Longest Golf Hole

In 2004, Joe Gibbs, owner of Chaoclay Downs Golf Course in Marquette, Michigan, unveiled a 1,007-yard double-dogleg par 6 hole to displace the Satsuki golf course in Sano, Japan (which boasts a 964-yard, par-7 hole) from The Guinness Book of World Records.

"I don't mean to start World War III over this," he remarked, "but the World War II veterans like the fact that we're beating the Japs again. It's going to make a nice amount of publicity for America. This is America! We beat'em once, and we'll beat 'em again!"

[Gibbs also pointed out that Chocolay has almost half a mile of unused real estate behind the tee -- in case anyone gets any funny ideas...]

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