PJ Pugliese

Juan Peron, Argentina's flawed if charismatic leader, was famed for his persecution of political dissidents. The great tango bandleader Osvaldo Pugliese, a staunch communist, was so frequently imprisoned by Peron that he began to take an unusual preparatory measure: wearing his pyjamas under his tuxedo.

[Whenever he was in prison, Pugliese's band would place a red carnation in a bottle on top of his unmanned piano. When he returned to power in 1973, Peron, convinced (like many Argentines) of Pugliese's unusual talismanic powers, begged the musician to forgive him for his past mistreatment.]

[One day in the late 19th Century, Griswold "Grizzy" Lorillard appeared at the exclusive Tuxedo Park Club in New York City wearing an unusual tailless dinner coat -- and the 'tuxedo' was born.]

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